31 Days of Horror: Vampyros Lesbos

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Nature of Shame: Blind-bought Blu-ray upon release in 2013. It remained unwatched. Hoop-tober Challenge Checklist: Decade – 1970’s Country of Origin – Germany The Advance Word: Jess Franco does Euro-Sleaze Bram Stoker’s Dracula with lesbians, eye-popping color and a sunbleached modern estate. The score is legendary, though I’ve never heard it. Soledad Miranda. A black background. Two women, barely clothed,… Read more »

31 Days of Horror: 2016 Shame-a-thon

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For the past few years, I’ve gathered the fearless masses during these pre-Halloween weeks, encouraging them to indulge in a horror movie shame-a-thon, sponsored by Cinema Shame. The notion was simple. List 31 unseen horror movies you feel obligated to watch and tackle as many as you can during the month of October. It may seem impossible, but October’s creeping… Read more »

Lord Love a Roddy McDowall

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In my life of film appreciation from video-store loiterer to undergraduate film student to interminable self-study post-graduate, no actor has had a more curious journey to becoming one of my favorite personalities than Roddy McDowall. (Thanks for @Journeys_Film for organization this great blogging event! Connect to all of the Summer Under the Stars entries through her website portal here.) 2016… Read more »

Don’t Tread on Ghostbusters (1984)

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The summer takes its toll on my sanity. Time, though more abundant, disappears in a blink. The kids are always there. Staring. Demanding food and entertainment. But as much as I’d like to blame the children for all that ails me, including this cough I just can’t shake… there’s something else that’s been bothering me, like a t-shirt with a… Read more »

5 Desert Island Classic Movies for #NationalClassicMovieDay

Monday, May 16th is National Classic Movie Day. As if some of us needed more reasons to watch or celebrate classic movies, now we have a whole day dedicated to classic movies. It’s our civic duty to watch old movies. Don’t let me down. Okay so it’s not actually a government holiday. It’s just a day conceived by Rick of… Read more »