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30Hz Underrated Thrillers – “Cocaine Noir” Vol. 2: The B-Sides

30Hz Underrated Thrillers: “Cocaine Noir” Vol. 2: The B-Sides originally published on After posting my first list of “Cocaine Noir” titles, I had a few requests for more underheralded thrillers from the 80’s and early 90’s. I threw together another quick lists of favorites that didn’t quite make the original cut – the Cocaine Noir B-Sides. These may not… Read more »

30Hz Underrated Thrillers – “Cocaine Noir”

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30Hz Underrated Thrillers originally published on I watched 52 Pick-Up, and then the next day Brian Saur invited me to tackle a Thriller list for his site Hence, I used this film to inspire my entire list. I have an odd affection for the crime thrillers of the 1980’s and early 90’s. As I compiled the list and… Read more »

So it’s October and it’s time to watch 31DaysOfHorror

I love coming up with lists of underrated flicks for Brian Saur’s page because I revisit old favorites and explore oddballs I’d always meant to watch. It focuses my attention and simplifies the selection process. When a movie collection reaches a certain size, the wall of potentiality paralyzes. When it comes to horror films, there’s no better reason to… Read more »

May Shame: So Deliverance is, like, ohmigod, so Deliverance

That looming specter of “manhood” hovers over the entire movie. The perceived macho manhood of the sleeveless and ripped outdoorsman in Burt Reynolds. The lack thereof in the fragile renaissance man and banjo plucker Ronny Cox. The insecure chubby guy who overcompensates for a lack of confidence by emulating Burt Reynolds. And Jon Voight — the rational skeptic, the everyman, the eyes through which the audience watches the film. And then there’s that pesky issue of rape — a notion inextricably tied with the abuse and destruction of hyper-masculinity.

April Shame: So Godzilla (1954) isn’t really a monster movie

April Shame: So Godzilla (1954) isn’t really a monster movie by James David Patrick (originally posted at   The confluence of me and Godzilla is an odd twisty tale of no matter. That said, let’s dive in and read about all of that inconsequence. It all began back in the late 1980’s with a little arcade game called Rampage… Read more »