January Shame: So Ben-Hur is kinda about Jesus by @007hertzrumble

As a follow up to my introduction of CinemaShame yesterday, I’m reposting the entry I wrote for my January selection, BEN-HUR. I have my February selection lined up for this weekend. It really feels good to finally watch these movies. There’s therapy happening here daily.

That’s how I began my viewing on Ben-Hur Saturday night.

But first some backstory.

I’ve owned multiple versions of Ben-Hur on DVD and Blu-ray. Most recently I picked up this mamajamma 50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray. And for a long time, I’d been content to look at it on my shelf. A brilliant example of how to make me pay money for a movie I have no agenda to watch. Put it in a bigass glossy box with cool cinephile-specific shit inside I might not ever read. I also have the similarly-styled Casablanca set.