Twilight Time Sale Recommendations – The Essentials

Throughout the month of September Twilight Time is offering a sale on all but its most recent titles. If you’re unfamiliar with its business model, Twilight Time wooed studios that were hesitant to allow the distribution of their catalog titles by third party distributors by capping the total available units of each title to 3,000. Nick Redman and Brian Jamieson began operation as Twilight Time in 2011 to tap into classic films from the back catalogs of major studios. Of their mission, Jamieson said, “Twilight Time will be serving both the collectible drive of film enthusiasts, and, in a larger sense, the cause of cinema literacy.”

Double Feature Theater: Mismatched 1990s Vol. III

Between my feature on the Netflix DVD blog and my Mismatched 1990s post on here a couple weeks ago, I’ve made 12 double feature connections, touting 24 different movies from the decade that brought us Zubaz, Parker Lewis, and weaponized slap bracelets. I don’t know how many people are actually enjoying this series (and this play-at-home exercise) but I know creating this list has provided me with so much idle-time fun I’m determined to make this a regular series on the bl-g even if no one seems to be reading it. (And I have the analytics to back that up!) Listen, some people do the crossword; I pair movies that don’t look like they belong together. (But they do!)

Double Feature Theater: 4 More Mismatched 1990s

A merely adequate double bill keeps you awake and engaged, whereas the best double feature bills create opposing and complementary forces that allow for a dialogue between films. In his New York Times feature, “In Praise of the Double Feature,” J. Hoberman states “the double feature created the art of programming.” Home moviewatchers fancy themselves festival programmers every time they plan a multi-movie lineup or invite friends over for a marathon. Picking any two random movies from your shelf requires no nuance or consideration.