30Hz Recommended: 100 Best Songs of 2012

Whenever I connect with a track at any point during the year it gets tossed into a playlist called “20XX Hits.” At the end of the year I go through the list and move my absolute favorites into the “20XX Final.” I try to be as honest as possible. Keep this in mind when you :facepalm: the No Doubt track or a certain Canadian pop star down near the bottom. They’re both brilliant pop tracks. I am not above championing pop music when it transcends the shite.

Yeasayer @ Mr. Smalls 7/31

I had these thoughts about the new record in mind as I made the trek out to Millvale for the Yeasayer/Daedalus show. How much of the new stuff would Yeasayer play considering no one would know the material? A band will sprinkle a new track into a live set here and there, but being this near the release date, would Yeasayer treat the show as a Fragrant World tour?