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The First Great Record of 2013: Parquet Courts

Every year has a first. The first great song. The first great album. The first disappointing album. The first interview with a band pretending to discuss their disappointing album without calling it disappointing and instead opting to call it a “departure.”

I heard “Borrowed Time” from the Parquet Courts on XM last week. It earned an on-the-go Shazam tag. All this means is that I may or may not remember to look it up sometime in the near future. Well, I remembered. And I’m currently loving this record.

Parquet Courts, Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts, Light Up Gold

The Sound: The the NY-via-Texas Parquet Courts cites Pavement and Guided By Voices as immediate influences. I’d add The Feelies or Sonic Youth into that equation. It’s stripped-down guitar-driven indie rock/post-punk with the aim of sincerity. There’s no sense of self-awareness or indulgent posturing. In many ways it is the intersection of the now scarce rock and roll earnestness of the 70’s and early 90’s and Light Up Gold sounds like a classic record. Parquet Courts is dabbling in familiar frequencies, but owning them, making those Sonic Youth riffs entirely their own.

Here’s a video of the band playing Yr No Stoner.