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Taming the Morass: Organize Your Digital Music

**like any good recipe, please read through the entire article before taking any drastic steps**

How to Organize Your Digital Music

I acquire a lot of music. This may come as no surprise. All of it ends up in files on my computer. CDs get ripped into iTunes, vinyl records come with download codes. Emusic and Amazon offer their own headaches. No matter how meticulous I might be about maintaining my files, it all ends up in one big clusterfuck. There are no happy endings in the curation of digital media.

…but it might be time to rewrite the narrative.

Finally growing fed up with my old systems of digital acquisition, organization and storage, I went on a manhunt for a system that will:

A) keep my files in the right place;

B) store them efficiently;

C) keep my laptop hard drive unclogged.

I also have certain particular needs that stem from my own compulsive disorders. But we’ll get to those as I detail the methods I’ve uncovered in good time. First I must dispel a few assumptions about how this process will go. If you want this to be an easy process, it will not be free of financial investment. If you have a small collection or have unlimited time you can organize your entire collection without incurring any charges. When I learned what I’d have to do to avoid paying, I gladly donated $30. This process also requires some patience, thinking a step ahead. This is something at which I’m not necessary very good. I will explain my stumbling points so you do not succumb to the same pitfalls.