On March 8th, Guster played with the Colorado Symphony. I really considered buying a ticket to Denver just to see this show. But then I thought about how I’m a responsible parent with a pregnant wife that can’t just jet off to concerts whenever he feels like it and that the last time I flew into Denver a hippie fiddled with a short-wave radio midway through the flight and yada yada yada everyone in my section ended up getting questioned by both Homeland Security and the FBI. True story.

Thankfully, videos from this performance are being placed on the interwebs so that we can all enjoy… and then complain about how Guster isn’t playing with our respective local symphony orchestras. (Guster dudes, I’m serious, Pittsburgh has a great symphony. I bet you could even convince Leonard Slatkin to do some conducting.)

Two Points for Honesty:


Come Downstairs and Say Hello:



I rumbled about the last Guster show in Pittsburgh here.


Guster playing with the Colorado Symphony

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