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Cloud Cult @ Mr. Smalls 4/13

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Cloud Cult might just be the real world equivalent of Wyld Stallyns. And even if aren’t, I’m comforted in knowing that there’s a band out there making music that thinks that music is going to one day save the world. Frontman Craig Minowa takes his shit seriously. No addressing the crowd except to acknowledge them briefly before each of their… Read more »

Old School Fridays – Ice Cube

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“It Was A Good Day” dominated the radio and video charts in early 1993, my last months in Detroit before moving to Pittsburgh. I most associate that song with my transition… which speaks to its omnipresence, because even though I had Ice Cube’s The Predator — on cassette, mind you — I rarely let the tape roll beyond Track #4, “Wicked.” In my mind, the best song Ice Cube ever recorded.

30Hz Recommended: Lost In The Trees

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This new album from the Chapel Hill band Lost In The Trees has been out for a few weeks now, but this title track to the record still has me in a trance. I can’t get enough and yet it affects me every time. It’s haunting and somehow hopeful. Although the record never hits another high quite like this, the… Read more »

Old School Fridays, an introduction

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But the truth is that I’ve always listened to all kinds of music… but rap music struck a chord at the right time of my youth. I was a fish-out-of-water farm boy suddenly attending a ritzy Grosse Pointe prep school with three-story gleaming white pillars out front. Dress code. Shirts with little horses, ties and khakis. Who was I? How did I fit in here in this world of Polo shirts and mansions and in-ground pools?

30Hz Recommended: Fanfarlo

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You might have heard me plug the band Fanfarlo on here in the past (here, here and here). If not, no worries. I’ll catch you up. I dig Fanfarlo. Now that we’re up to speed, I should let you know that Fanfarlo released a new record today called Let’s Go Extinct. It’s a more unified sound than their past records — though everything they’ve done all hinges around the kind of mid-tempo pop music perfected by the Talking Heads. Let’s Go Extinct could be read as a kind of concept album, but I haven’t had enough time with it to really consider whether that notion carries.