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I share my experiences from live music shows. Mostly in Pittsburgh but sometimes I journey forth into the wilds.

Imagine Dragons, it’s the bigass bass drum

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Then their songs started getting more and more airtime on XM. And then the bomb drops. Their music starts showing up movie trailers for major release films like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Frankenweenie,” in commercials, American Idol promos. Glee just covered “It’s Time” in the season opener. This band was anonymous five months ago. But why the meteoric rise? What’s the secret?

Ghostland Observatory @ Mr. Smalls 8/12

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I’d been a fan of G.O. since the days you could only order their music from their website. Hell, it might have even been a MySpace page. No guarantees on that. I knew nothing about the band other than that it was two dudes. One did the beats and one did everything else. I’d not seen them live, clearly, and thus had no idea what kind of crowd frequented a Ghostland Observatory performance. I didn’t know anyone else that listened to G.O. Do you know anyone that listens to G.O.? Probably not.

M83 @ Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead 8/2

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By the way, at some point last week I saw M83 at the Carnegie Library Music Hall in Homestead. And I’d do a write up, but, really, the statute of limitations has expired for that hard-hitting journalism. I’ll just post my “Random Shit on Stage Picture.”

Yeasayer @ Mr. Smalls 7/31

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I had these thoughts about the new record in mind as I made the trek out to Millvale for the Yeasayer/Daedalus show. How much of the new stuff would Yeasayer play considering no one would know the material? A band will sprinkle a new track into a live set here and there, but being this near the release date, would Yeasayer treat the show as a Fragrant World tour?