The Haul: Volume 1

It’s been awhile since I posted some writing dedicated to vinyl.  I though an easy way would be to start posting the results from my shopping trips. I rarely shop with any agenda; I just see what shows up. Last weekend I got sent on a solo Home Depot trip …

Getting back into the ring: Sony bets big on the Vita

Taking a $2.9 billion loss is like taking a punch from Mike Tyson. Ask Michael Spinks if he felt $2.9 billion lighter after his introduction to Tyson’s left hook. Only Michael Spinks wasn’t expected to get back in the ring. Sony not only has to get back in the ring, they’re expected to return with all their faculties in check and retake the Heavyweight crown after four consecutive years of brutal industry pummeling rather than just 88 seconds.

The effect of the creative technologist

A lot of “creatives” are the learned, but not necessarily productive workplace fodder Clark depicts – but on the other hand a lot of heavily trained coders and programmers and businesspeople contribute immediate results but hinder growth. It’s not about the title on their degree or their perceived niche in the workforce; it’s about the skills of the individual.