In defense of the Kooks / Our yearly migration “home”

Clearly the Kooks aren’t breaking any new ground, but to put them three points behind Nickelback’s aggregate score is inconceivable. Unconscionable, really. I like the Kooks. And they’re even better live due to Luke’s stage presence. I’ve mentioned it before when writing about my love for Guster shows but a lot can be gained by watching a band have fun on stage.

30Hz Recommended: 24 Hours of Horror

People watch shite horror movies. I witness the proof every time I stumble across the box office numbers. Why does anyone bother attending these pre-manufactured, uninspired crapsicles? (I dare not do an image search for crapsicle. Perform at your own risk.) In my neverending goal to better the world through …

Mickey Tettleton

More so than Alan Trammell or Lou Whitaker or even the now-retired and mustachioed Tom Brookens (my own favorite Tiger player), more so than any other Tiger player, Mickey Tettleton had become our favorite emulation on the whiffleball court. In real life, Mickey Tettleton was one of the early adopters of the philosophy of three possible outcomes: walk, strikeout or home run. True to form, our emulations, so awkward and overproduced, also resulted in three similar but distinct possible outcomes: pain, humor or frustration, but almost never victory.