Fear the Page

I haven’t written anything in almost a month. Not one word of a story, novel or blog post. I’m not afraid of the blank page. We’re just not really speaking.

I had a memoir/creative non-fiction piece published in the excellent Specter Literary Magazine last week. (Find it here: http://www.spectermagazine.com/lit/prose/james-patrick) A story that means quite a bit to me, that took me a long time to craft and mold into the story it is today. I’m very proud of that story. Still this relative success has not inspired me to tackle any of the projects in my head. Continue reading Fear the Page

30Hertz Recommended: September

So so so so so much new music has come out within the past month. I needed to highlight the ones deemed 30Hz Recommended.  I’m not going to spend a crap-ton of time doing this because there’s bad new TV to watch this week (and then immediately dismiss). Also I’m going to poo poo a popular pick because I’m the one with the microphone and I don’t care what Pitchfork thinks. Continue reading 30Hertz Recommended: September


No recent Internet time suck has sucked more time than Turntable.fm. And by sucked I mean consumed my idle and active click time. The beauty of the website/community is that it can provide a constant soundtrack to your day in the micro-genre of your choosing. At work. At home. Really whenever you’re at a computer (or soon an iPhone and iPad). You can be a zombie and just absorb the tunes or participate by chatting about music or stepping up to the decks to spin your own favorite tracks. Continue reading Turntabling

Lost Bands of the 80’s: Two People

As I browsed through a few hundred songs in a file of rare 80’s tracks I downloaded this week (courtesy of a guy on Pirate Bay that posts thousands of rare 80’s cuts) I came across the song “This is the Shirt.” Now, the name of the song itself begs a listen. This Is the Shirt.

“This is the shirt that she wore when it was good, good, good.” Continue reading Lost Bands of the 80’s: Two People

Typewriter Experiment #2: The bugger is that I8m out of coffee.

Text (retyped for searchability but not edited):

The bugger is that I’m out of coffee. Losing apostrophes and adding spaces. My first attempt at a sentence haunts me on the back side of this paper. This physical dead tree in my typewriter. The sentence draws nearer every time I slide the platter back to its starting point on the far left side. “Jay Patrick is trying to type on a typewriter.” Continue reading Typewriter Experiment #2: The bugger is that I8m out of coffee.

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