The Shriek of the Devil Bat

For my #31DaysOfHorror movie for today I watched Bela Lugosi in THE DEVIL BAT. The shriek of the Devil Bat so moved me, I was compelled to isolate the shriek and create my very own Devil Bat ring tone for the Halloween season. Yes. This is called procrasternation.

31 Days of Horror @ 30Hz

One of the greatest benefits of being a movie fan on Twitter is the pooling of shared knowledge and obscure movies. With the decline of the video store, Twitter has arisen as the new video store counter, albeit less personal but more expansive. Every year the greater movie-watching community at large makes October the official month of horror. I scour the Turner Classic Movies schedule for flicks we’ve never seen (and often of which we’ve never heard). I obsess over the newly registered deals on cool horror flicks on Amazon. I dig out movies in my own collection I’ve not had the impetus to watch in many moons. The result, at least in my house, a gleeful (and directed) film festival of my favorite genre. The great thing about horror is that the genre is so expansive to include films and styles for nearly all cinematic predilections.