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31 Days of Horror: 2017

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31 Days of Horror 2017

Halloween brings out the best and the worst of us as obsessive moviewatchers. I can only speak for myself, but I imagine my experience mirrors many of yours. When October rolls around (now mid-September because the 31 horror movies in 31 days doesn’t jive with adult schedules), horror movies dominate all channels. The wife shrugs her shoulders. Hide the more… Read more »

So Zatoichi is kinda like James Bond, except blind – Vol. 1


This post about the Zatoichi films was originally posted at Cinema Shame. I’ve had this Zatoichi Criterion box set on my shelf. It’s a very pretty box set, filled with lots of movies, 25 to be exact. After procuring the set for Christmas some years ago, I watched the first Zatoichi film, The Tale of Zatoichi. What a superb film!… Read more »

31 Days of Horror: 2016 Shame-a-thon

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For the past few years, I’ve gathered the fearless masses during these pre-Halloween weeks, encouraging them to indulge in a horror movie shame-a-thon, sponsored by Cinema Shame. The notion was simple. List 31 unseen horror movies you feel obligated to watch and tackle as many as you can during the month of October. It may seem impossible, but October’s creeping… Read more »

May Shame: So Deliverance is, like, ohmigod, so Deliverance

That looming specter of “manhood” hovers over the entire movie. The perceived macho manhood of the sleeveless and ripped outdoorsman in Burt Reynolds. The lack thereof in the fragile renaissance man and banjo plucker Ronny Cox. The insecure chubby guy who overcompensates for a lack of confidence by emulating Burt Reynolds. And Jon Voight — the rational skeptic, the everyman, the eyes through which the audience watches the film. And then there’s that pesky issue of rape — a notion inextricably tied with the abuse and destruction of hyper-masculinity.

April Shame: So Godzilla (1954) isn’t really a monster movie

April Shame: So Godzilla (1954) isn’t really a monster movie by James David Patrick (originally posted at cinemashame.wordpress.com)   The confluence of me and Godzilla is an odd twisty tale of no matter. That said, let’s dive in and read about all of that inconsequence. It all began back in the late 1980’s with a little arcade game called Rampage… Read more »