30Hz Top 100 of 2014 (50 to 1)

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Load times on the videos forced me to split this into two posts. Carry on. Rdio Playlistified: Spotify Playlistified:   50. “Coffee” – Sylvan Esso My wife and daughter, who will listen to the same song 40 times in a row and not grow weary of it, will not let me play “Coffee” in their presence any more. 49. “Problem”… Read more »

30Hz Top 100 Songs of 2014

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Lately, I have been weighing the cost/benefit of cloning. The Rumble suffered this year due to a certain Bond-ian syndrome that’s taken hold of my extra time and writing life, those precious, wee hours when I’m not arguing with a 2 year old (about everything) or discussing My Little Pony minutiae with the 5 year old. The good news here… Read more »

30Hz Underrated Thrillers – “Cocaine Noir” Vol. 2: The B-Sides

30Hz Underrated Thrillers: “Cocaine Noir” Vol. 2: The B-Sides originally published on rupertpupkinspeaks.com After posting my first list of “Cocaine Noir” titles, I had a few requests for more underheralded thrillers from the 80’s and early 90’s. I threw together another quick lists of favorites that didn’t quite make the original cut – the Cocaine Noir B-Sides. These may not… Read more »

30Hz Underrated Thrillers – “Cocaine Noir”

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30Hz Underrated Thrillers originally published on rupertpupkinspeaks.com I watched 52 Pick-Up, and then the next day Brian Saur invited me to tackle a Thriller list for his site www.rupertpupkinspeaks.com. Hence, I used this film to inspire my entire list. I have an odd affection for the crime thrillers of the 1980’s and early 90’s. As I compiled the list and… Read more »

So it’s October and it’s time to watch 31DaysOfHorror

I love coming up with lists of underrated flicks for Brian Saur’s www.rupertpupkinspeaks.com page because I revisit old favorites and explore oddballs I’d always meant to watch. It focuses my attention and simplifies the selection process. When a movie collection reaches a certain size, the wall of potentiality paralyzes. When it comes to horror films, there’s no better reason to… Read more »