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Lost Bands of the 80’s: Two People

As I browsed through a few hundred songs in a file of rare 80’s tracks I downloaded this week (courtesy of a guy on Pirate Bay that posts thousands of rare 80’s cuts) I came across the song “This is the Shirt.” Now, the name of the song itself begs a listen. This Is the Shirt.

“This is the shirt that she wore when it was good, good, good.”

This Is the Shirt Lyrics by Two People

Nevermind the lyrics. The song is damn infectious. I played it on in the New Wave/Alt-80s room to a rousing welcome — a welcome begat by ironic appreciation for the lyrics and, I think, the song itself. This is an 80’s pop song. There’s no getting around it, for better or worse. But if you’re into catchy pop-sensibilities with a hint of Crowded House malaise…. have a listen:


Good luck getting that out of your head for the next week.

I did some more digging on the band: Two People. What did I come up with? Very little. Not even a wiki page. Two People was Mark and Noel. They never actually released a full album, only a few 7″ and 12″ singles. How sad for Two People and how sad for us, that we were not treated to more than a handful of songs from this potentially great band. I worry that one of the “two people” took themselves too seriously and the other one of the “two people” wanted to go some kind of meta, self-aware route. Whatever the reason that this band dissipated before delivering on the promise of “This Is the Shirt” we may never know. Hearsay suggests that the record label screwed them over and they became disillusioned, reformed as a band called The People and then broke up after failing to get re-signed. I’m off to track down some of these singles on vinyl – though after a quick search on Discogs I’m beginning to learn that only the UK and Scandinavia had any appreciation for this excellent band, gone too soon. But isn’t that always the case?

Oh, and here’s their other singles. No — really. That’s it. A few singles and some B-Sides.

But wait, you say? There’s more to the Two People story? Yes, and well, no. The same source that suggested their demise came at the hands of record label mismanagement claims that Noel became a jungle and dance producer and Mark briefly worked with a band called Satellite of Undying Love in the early 90’s. Though video of the band doesn’t seem to exist, a UK vinyl 7″ exists for a song called “Endlessly” as well as a 12″ for “Let’s Do The Base Thing.”

The Complete Two People Vinyl Discography (as far as I can tell):

Rescue Me 7″ (B-side: Back Into the Room of Blue)
Rescue Me 12″ (A1 Rescue Me, A2 Wonderful Thing, B1 Back Into the Room of Blue, B2 Broken Arms)
Mouth of An Angel 7″ B-side: Let’s Raise Murder)
Mouth of An Angel 12″ (A1 Mouth of An Angel Extended, B1 Let’s Raise Murder, B2 Dig It)
This Is the Shirt 7″ Remix (B-Side People In Love (Never Have Much Fun))
This Is the Shirt 7″ (B-Side Sister, Sister)
This Is the Shirt Remix 12″ (A1 This Is the Shirt Remix, B1 People in Love (Never Have Much Fun), B2 It’s Obvious)
This Is the Shirt 12″ (A1 This Is the Shirt A2 This Is the Day (Part 1), B1 Sister, Sister, B2 This Is the Day (Part 2)
Heaven 7″ (B-side: Run to Him)
Heaven 12″ (A1 Heaven, B1 Run to Him, B2 Broken Arms)

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darren johnson

great to hear these again.i have a cassette in the attic somewhere recorded live off the radio.
think it was a radio 1 live session in 1985.


I have that very concert – and just last night converted it to it mp3 – after reuniting myself with a cassette player and behringer UFO thingo.
“Peolpe think this is a song about Jim Morrison; (deadpan) it isn’t”
Will post soon….

Steve Mills

Saw Two People supporting the Immaculate Fools at Teesside Uni in the 80’s.
When the lead singer introduced the song he said in a thick scouse accent; “This song is about having sex with a dirty woman “.
The song blew me away. I have the 12” version somewhere. I think in my mam’s loft.
Brilliant song, great band, great times!


Suddenly I’m a 15 year old huddled over my radio listening to the Anne Nightingale Request Show whilst pretending to work. Brilliant find chap!

Duncan Massey

I have the 12″ of This is the Shirt on the shelf behind me – will always love that song;means so much to me. I’ve also got “Heaven’ on 7”. Speaking of which – new to youtube!……….

Duncan Massey

I’ve just been given a UK 7″ of The Satellite of Undying Love “let’s do the base thing”. It was one I was given free by my local record store in 1991. I DJed at weekly under-16s events and we used to give them away free as promotional items. 7 of them just made their way back to me.
The b-side appears to be a cover of Jean Genie but I don’t have a way of playing them to find out at the moment. Was looking online for a way to listen to it, hence stumbling across this page.