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Tegan & Sara @ Stage AE – June 19th, 2014

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This was me when I found out rain had forced the Tegan & Sara show inside at Stage AE — without the Debbie Reynolds smooching, of course:     Now for my airing of thoughts, grievances and non-sequiturs to ponder. [the rumble] Is it just me, or do lesbians only go see acts featuring openly gay musicians? I’ve never seen… Read more »

The Underheralded 80’s: Rain Dogs by Tom Waits

And now a new series on The Rumble. Since this blog usually returns to the warm fuzzies of nostalgia for fodder, it seemed fitting to dive right in with the underrated records from my favorite musical decade. I solicited submissions from friends and Internet acquaintances and hope this becomes an¬†ongoing series celebrating¬†the best the 1980’s had to offer. Rain Dogs… Read more »

Arctic Monkeys @ Stage AE – June 17th, 2014

Perhaps you read my tirade about outdoor live music in the post I wrote about the Mumford & Sons show last year. If you need a refresher, here ya go. Now to test out a new section of my live music commentaries. I’ll call it The Rumble. It’s really just an everyday Festivus-style airing of grievances.   [the rumble]  … Read more »

CHVRCHES @ Stage AE – June 11, 2014

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CHVRCHES @ Stage AE, June 11, 2014   Pittsburgh crowds rarely impress me for being *into* a show. Last night, I was impressed — not just with CHVRCHES — but with the crowd. I want you to recognize how monumental that admission really is. If there’s any deterrent to me enjoying a show, it’s almost always the crowd. It’s like… Read more »

Old School Fridays – Me Phi Me

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I bypassed last week’s Old School Friday because I had Record Store Day fish to fry. You’ll forgive me. I have faith. I also have some Me Phi Me in the CD player. I mentioned in my original entry in the Old School Fridays series that I at one time owned every rap album in the BMG monthly music catalog…. Read more »