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A Record Store Day 2013 Primer

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Record Store Day 2013 is upon us. Even if you aren’t participating in the vinyl resurgence, RSD offers more for music fans than just vinyl. Artists release vinyl, CD and sometimes even cassette tapes for the occasion. But you don’t even need to spend money to participate. Record Store Day isn’t about vinyl or digital; it’s about music lovers of all ages and flavors coming together to celebrate the independent music merchants. The stores I’ve visited during the last few Record Store Days become hangouts, just like they used to be. Many serve food and drink and encourage everyone to stay, chat about music and just enjoy the company of complete strangers as crazy (and often crazier) about music than you. On Saturday, April 20th (or Friday night even!), go forth, be one with the obsessive music lovers. I bet you’ll have a good conversation or two.

30Hz Recommended: AUTRE NE VEUT

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Call it what you will. Lo-fi 80’s R&B. Bedroom glitch soul. Perhaps. Whatever it is, this entire record is electric and should get moved to the front of any of your “to-listen playlists.” The video’s pretty damn cool too. This record has that Poolside feel to it, the kind of fun, soulful record that just won’t give up it’s hold of the turntable.

The First Great Record of 2013: Parquet Courts

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The Sound: The band cites Pavement and Guided By Voices as immediate influences. I’d add The Feelies or Sonic Youth into that equation. It’s stripped-down guitar-driven indie rock/post-punk with the aim of sincerity. There’s no sense of self-awareness or indulgent posturing. In many ways it is the intersection of 70’s and 90’s rock and roll and Light Up Gold sounds like a classic record. Parquet Courts is dabbling in familiar frequencies but owning them, making those Sonic Youth riffs entirely their own.

30Hz Recommended: 100 Best Songs of 2012

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Whenever I connect with a track at any point during the year it gets tossed into a playlist called “20XX Hits.” At the end of the year I go through the list and move my absolute favorites into the “20XX Final.” I try to be as honest as possible. Keep this in mind when you :facepalm: the No Doubt track or a certain Canadian pop star down near the bottom. They’re both brilliant pop tracks. I am not above championing pop music when it transcends the shite.

30Hz Recommended: 40 Best Albums of 2012

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With excessively arbitrary panache we decide that, ever year, December 31st is the end cut off for our scourge of “Best Of” lists. I’m guilty for creating. You’re guilty for reading (and maybe creating, as well). We’re all in this together. And we’ll wallow in these lists for the next few months like pigs in shit.