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January Shame: So Ben-Hur is kinda about Jesus by @007hertzrumble

As a follow up to my introduction of CinemaShame yesterday, I’m reposting the entry I wrote for my January selection, BEN-HUR. I have my February selection lined up for this weekend. It really feels good to finally watch these movies. There’s therapy happening here daily.

An Introduction to CinemaShame

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Join the penitent men and women who are writing their confessionals in the form of 12-movie lists. Watch one per month and then submit a blog entry about the experience. Write about why you chose the movie, why it was important for you to finally watch it, write about your expectations and how that shaped your viewing.

New and 30Hz Recommended Netflix Streaming Movies

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As of January 1st, Netflix booted a bunch of old classics from the streaming roster. The Great Train Robbery, The Long Goodbye, A Shot in the Dark. Old ones out. New ones in. I’ve surveyed the list of newcomers and can happily report that there’s plenty of new goodness to keep you entertained.

The End is Silence: The Masque of the Red Death

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30Hz Horror - Masque of the Red Death

Though Vincent Price made scores of movies of without Roger Corman, it is for his seven collaborations with Roger Corman on the Edgar Allan Poe adaptations that he is probably most recognized by modern audiences. Before he became the King of the Grand Guignol or the Merchant of Menace (choose your own nom de guerre), Vincent Price acted in a wide variety of films from noir to comedy. It seemed, however, from our point of view that Price was always destined to be the face of horror. His on screen presence, the intensity in his eyes… his low-pitched, rasping voice.