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TCM Discoveries Blogathon: Slither (1973)

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 TCM Discoveries Blogathon – Slither (1973) (Thanks to Nitrate Diva for the tremendous blogathon idea and apologies for forgetting to post my bl-g on time!) For many moviegoers the discovery of a new favorite movie makes for an immediate, impromptu holiday-type celebration. How often can one admit a new viewing into the hallowed halls of all-time favorites – those 100… Read more »

Underrated 1975

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Underrated 1975 originally published on Jaws. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nashville. Dog Day Afternoon. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Barry Lyndon. Also consider the quality of the B-pictures and exploitation flicks also released in 1975. Rollerball. Death Race 2000. A Boy and His Dog. Argento’s Deep Red. Just a massive list of… Read more »

The Kino Lorber Studio Classics Sale on Amazon

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As you may or may not know from having read this bl-g, I’m a media junkie. I am also a huge proponent of physical media and supporting the continued release of DVDs and Blu-rays. As my sentiments about digital music have shifted (necessary evil) not so have my feelings about digital movies (not unless I have to). If I *can*… Read more »

30Hz Underrated 1985

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Underrated 1985 (originally appeared on Rupert Pupkin Speaks) I spend all this time and money amassing a media collection of impressive size, quality and breadth but when I sit down to watch one of these “important” or “artistic” films I display proudly, I inevitably just toss in another disc from a $5 compilation of 12 movies from the 1980’s. I’ll… Read more »

Why I (mostly) stopped writing about music

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Anyone who has spent any time writing knows that the endeavor is a very solitary activity. When writing and submitting fiction to literary magazations, publishers or agents, there’s no immediate response. Often not even denial. Often there’s just the kind silence that hurts more than negativity.