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Nicole Kidman on Jimmy Fallon: The Best Thing I Watched This Week

Nicole Kidman on Jimmy Fallon

Episode #2 of The Best Thing I Watched This Week. Shocking news. The series didn’t get canceled after one week. Phew. Since I figure you’re still catching up on last week’s assignment of the entire 24 episodes of The IT Crowd, I’ll make this one brief. Not that I planned such benevolence. It just worked out that way. How often… Read more »

The IT Crowd: The Best Thing I Watched This Week

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The IT Crowd

This is the debut of a new series of posts here on the Rumble. I’ll pick the best thing I watched this week — be it from the television, Netflix, a movie, squirrel death match in the backyard with me doing a Mortal Kombat style voice-over — and tell you about it. It could be new. It could be old…. Read more »

Tuesday Twitter Highlight

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Today I applaud my own wit. If we don’t support ourselves, who will? Thus I bring you my Tuesday Twitter Highlight. (Also, I’m waiting for my call to write the Ghostbusters 3 screenplay based on these tweets. Ahem. I’m keeping the phone lines open.)   Dunkin Donuts has donuts with Peeps. Scripture considers that a sign of the coming of… Read more »

The Two Week Deadline

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I’ve been plugging along on #Bond_age_: The James Bond Social Media Project for nearly 18 months now. The end goal has been, for some time now, to create a book out of everything we’ve accomplished with the project. I’ve had some people express cursory interest in a full-length manuscript. I owe it to myself to give the publication thing a… Read more »