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Birdman vs. Boyhood or (Why We Love to Hate the Oscars)

Boyhood vs. Birdman: Bloodsport

I get it. I do. You (general, collective “you”) apparently don’t like Birdman. The Boyhood loss signaled the coming of the apocalypse. And Birdman is a blight on the history of all cinema. Hell, a blight on all of human history. The Trail of Tears. The Spanish Inquisition. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). I know this because I… Read more »

Kids, Music and Brute-Force Facepalms

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Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea

I play a lot of music in my house. I loathe silence. It’s both a character flaw and a persistent joy. Since I’m home most days with the kids that equals a lot of time listening. That equals a lot of time exposing my children to the music I love, but also the music I hope they’ll eventually come to… Read more »

Saturday Night Fever: The Best Thing I Watched This Week

I’ve been doing this CinemaShame thing for a couple years now. If you haven’t seen some of my past posts about CinemaShame, this will get you up to full speed. An even shorter explanation is that each year you pick 12 movies you feel some sort of shame for not having watched. Movies you’ve been told to see dozens of… Read more »

#Bond_age_TV: The Best Thing I Watched This Week

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The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan

Is this self-promotion? Kinda. Is it legit? Absolutely. So pipe down from the cheap seats — people down front pay good money for this kind of shit and they don’t want to have their experiences marred by assholes in the back. This is Episode III of The Best Thing. Some of you may know that I’ve been running a little… Read more »

Nicole Kidman on Jimmy Fallon: The Best Thing I Watched This Week

Nicole Kidman on Jimmy Fallon

Episode #2 of The Best Thing I Watched This Week. Shocking news. The series didn’t get canceled after one week. Phew. Since I figure you’re still catching up on last week’s assignment of the entire 24 episodes of The IT Crowd, I’ll make this one brief. Not that I planned such benevolence. It just worked out that way. How often… Read more »